Smart Battery SMBus Reader

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Smart Battery SMBus Reader

Smart Battery SMBus Reader

Battery cable+SMBus Reader+Power management board

Comprehensive portable power supply solution.



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  1. Battery interface: 5PIN blade type smart battery connector, suitable for all TEFOO standard smart batteries.
  1. USB-C interface: PD 12V, Used for activating the battery or power supply (during battery depletion, protection, or shutdown).
  1. Screen: 0.96 inch, Yellow and blue dual color screen, resolution 128 * 64.

     4. Anti reverse connection: Yes, the red light is on when the battery is reversed.

  1. Activatie feature: Yes, the red light flashes or lights up when the battery is activated.
  1. Operation indicator: Blue light flashing at 1Hz indicates that the module is functioning normal


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