OTDR English full name Optical Time Domain Reflectometer, Chinese Optical Time Domain Reflectometer.
 OTDR is mainly a precision optoelectronic integrated instrument made by using Rayleigh scattering and backscattering produced by Fresnel reflection when light is transmitted in optical fiber. At present, OTDR is mainly used to measure fiber length, fiber attenuation, joint loss, fiber fault point location and understand fiber event point loss, etc. It is an indispensable tool in the maintenance, construction and monitoring of optical cable lines.

At present, among the global OTDR brands, OTDR manufacturers with R&D and production capacity mainly include EXFO of Canada, Yokogawa of Japan, VIAVI of the United States, Nanjing Jilong, 41 Institute, etc. In particular, Nanjing Jilong, the first company in China to develop and produce optical fiber fusion splicers, has a 30-year-old brand and is also excellent in the field of OTDR, especially the newly launched new generation of KL-6200 intelligent OTDR, which integrates the main functions of current optical fiber measurement. Such as optical power meter, stable light source, red light source, end-face detector, network test… Really achieve one machine with multiple functions, compared with EXFO’s machines are slightly inferior; the performance is even more outstanding among domestic OTDRs, It can be applied to long-distance network, access network, and FTTx/PON network. It is a real multi-purpose trunk engineering machine.

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