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We are a trustworthy supplier of lithium batteries for instruments & equipment with worldwide approvals

In the past ten years of lithium-ion battery customization experience, We found that there are many professional instruments and equipment manufacturers facing the problem of lithium battery procurement. Such customizing lithium batteries take a long time, it also requires the cost of design and development, carrying out a series of safety certifications for the battery separately. Especially for lithium battery equipment manufacturers who only need a small amount per year, our products will help them save more costs. That’s why we have developed and produced a range of standard lithium battery packs, including a wide range of size options and different series-parallel combinations of cells….

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Standard Battery Pack

Standard lithium battery packs, including a wide range of size options and different series-parallel combinations of cells. These have good compatibility and adaptability and have passed the global safety certification.


Our standard battery packs are used and validated in multiple professional fields.


Standard lithium battery packs offer the advantages of removable, hot-swappable, and compact size, which are critical for many instrumentation…

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Medical Equipment

Standard lithium batteries have global safety certifications, meet the battery regulations of the vast majority of countries, have high reliability…

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Special Equipment

Standard lithium battery packs have good reliability, accurate power calculations, suitable for strict special equipment, and no MOQ requirements…

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Films Equipment

Equipment with good performance needs to be charged twice a day, has no safety guarantee, and has a short use time…

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Robot Battery Selection lithium-ion batteries are generally intelligent service robots, recreational competitive robots, or special purpose robots…

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2023 Munich Shanghai Electronics Show

September 26th, 2023|Comments Off on 2023 Munich Shanghai Electronics Show

Too busy to update information on recent exhibitions. 🤣 It’s time to update!!! 😎 😎 2023 Munich Shanghai Electronics Show (#Electronica China) (Hosting time: July 11-13, 2023) During the #exhibition, many friends were interested in our GS2040CH #lithiumbattery. It is suitable for #industrialendoscopes, #oscilloscopes, #OTDR,

Shenzhen International Electronics Fair(Elexcon)2023

September 26th, 2023|Comments Off on Shenzhen International Electronics Fair(Elexcon)2023

#Elexcon 2023 Shenzhen International Electronics Show (Hosting time:August 23 - August 25) Perhaps you would like to know what is the most consulted product of this #exhibition? It’s #TEFOO GS2057DH 7.2V 47.52Wh #standardbattery !!! Wide range of applications: #flawdetector

Holiday Notice for National Day 2023

September 26th, 2023|Comments Off on Holiday Notice for National Day 2023

Dear All Clients & Partners, Our Chinese National Day Holiday will begin from 29th, Sept. 2023 to 6th, Oct. 2023. If you have any urgent issues during the holidays, please feel free to contact us:sales@tefoo-energy.com Thanks for your kind

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