Smart Power Management Board

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Smart Power Management Board

Smart power management board

DC Input voltage:9V~24V (Adapter input voltage battery limit charging voltage+1V)
Charging current:0~3A

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Smart power management board


1. Battery charging management+power path management, is a bridge between smart battery, adapter and host load.

2.Follow the standard SBS/SMBus smart battery protocol, and adaptively adjust the charging voltage and charging current.

3.Automatic power path selection, charging the battery and powering the host when the adapter is on, and seamlessly when the adapter is disconnected.

4.Adapter status, battery status, and charging status are indicated.

5.Full safety protection functions, such as over voltage, over current, reverse connection protection,etc.

6.Power host battery, power supply rapid development.

7.Suitable for 1~4 series of smart battery embedded applications.



Input voltage 9-24V (Adapter input voltage battery limit charging voltage+1V)
DC Input limit current 5A MAX
Input power 120W MAX
Battery voltage range 5-16.8V(Adaptive 1-4 series of smart batteries)
Charging limit current 0~3A
Output voltage
Adapter power: output voltage=input voltage
Adapter power-off: output voltage=battery voltage
Load current 0~5A
Self-consumption of electricity
Adapter power: <15mA(DC power)
Adapter power-off:<30 μA (Battery)
Safety and reliability  
Charging temperature 0°C~50°C
Discharge temperature -20°C~60°C
Length 60.0mm
Width 50.0mm
Thickness 15.0mm MAX
Input: VH3.96-2P
Output: VH3.96-6P
Communication: PH2.0-6P
Battery:90° mating connector

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