With the aging of the global population, the improvement of people’s living standards and the increase in the demand for medical services in remote areas and other factors are driving the transformation of traditional medical methods, mobility and portability have gradually become the key to the medical electronics industry. On the other hand, the development of semiconductor technology has pushed the pace of medical innovation forward at an unprecedented speed. Driven by fast processing calculations, high-precision analog-to-digital conversion and wireless network technology, medical electronic products have become portable and miniaturized. . It is precisely because of this that medical equipment lithium batteries have become one of the hottest products. What are the advantages of medical equipment standard lithium batteries?

1. Good safety: the structure is packaged in a plastic shell, which is different from the metal shell of the liquid lithium battery. Liquid batteries are prone to exploding in the event of a safety hazard, while medical device batteries swell at best.
2. Light weight: Lithium batteries for medical instruments are 40% lighter than steel-cased lithium batteries with the same capacity specifications, and 20% lighter than aluminum-cased batteries.
3. The shape can be customized: the lithium battery of medical instruments can increase or decrease the thickness of the battery and change the shape according to the needs of customers, which is flexible and fast.
4. Large capacity, lithium batteries for medical instruments are 10-15% higher than steel shell batteries of the same size, and 5-10% higher than aluminum shell batteries.
5. The internal resistance is small. Through special design, the impedance of the lithium battery is greatly reduced, and the high-current discharge performance of the lithium battery is improved.

The above is the introduction of the advantages of lithium batteries for medical devices. As the world’s leading manufacturer of medical device batteries, TEFOO ENERGY provides high-quality batteries and Battery charger has rich experience and good brand reputation. Whether a battery is required as the primary power source for your device or as a backup, our team of expert engineers will work closely with you to ensure you get the right medical battery solution for your requirements.