With the popularity of electronic products, various electronic products such as mobile phones, computers, MP3, MP4, digital cameras, etc. are equipped with batteries, and these electronic products need to consume a large amount of power during use.
Therefore just need to use battery to provide electric power. Since most of the batteries used in smart phones and digital products on the market are lithium-ion batteries, this article mainly introduces the use of lithium-ion batteries for medical instruments.

At present, in order to meet the needs of mobile medicine, the size of medical devices is getting smaller and lighter. Lithium-ion batteries have the advantages of high energy density, small size, light weight, long service life, stable battery capacity, and wide operating temperature range.
Features of lithium batteries for medical instruments:
(1) Large capacity: Medical lithium batteries have the characteristics of high energy density (up to 500Wh per kilogram), small size, etc.;
(2) High safety: the safety valve design technology is adopted to effectively avoid the occurrence of overcharge and overdischarge; at the same time, measures such as intelligent protection circuit and automatic discharge function are adopted to ensure safety;
(3) Long cycle life: generally up to 2000-3000 times (service life); fast charging speed: fast charging can be fully charged in 1 hour;
(4) Green and environmental protection: it does not contain harmful substances such as heavy metal cadmium and lead, as well as any toxic substances and impurities; the environmental protection performance is superior to traditional power batteries such as nickel-metal hydride batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries.

Therefore, I recommend TEFOO ENERGY standard lithium battery, which is convenient for operators to carry out mobile indoor and outdoor operations. Providing continuous, efficient and stable mobile power supply has become the greatest guarantee for the normal operation of such equipment. The solution uses high-performance batteries, so that the entire battery has the characteristics of high energy ratio, light weight, small size, high cycle life, high safety, and high consistency. The battery is very convenient to use, and the original battery can be directly replaced on site.