At present, there are more and more users of dust particle counters, which are widely used in medicine, electronics, precision machinery, microorganisms and other industries to monitor the purification effects and cleanliness levels of workbenches, clean rooms, and clean workshops of various clean levels. To ensure the quality of the product. The dust particle counter is an instrument used to measure the number and size of particles in the air, so as to provide a basis for the assessment of air cleanliness.
The principle of the dust particle counter: The particle counter draws the sampling gas through the sampling pump. In the laser chamber, the sampled gas is irradiated with laser light, the frequency of the flash reflected by the particles represents the number of particles, and the reflected light intensity represents the particle size of the particles.

Since the components in the laser chamber are not protected by sheath gas, the laser particle counter should be used in a clean environment to prevent damage to the laser sensor.
The dust particle counter can be randomly printed and charged, and at the same time, it can sample and analyze the six particle size channels set by the user at the same time. It has a high-resolution backlight display function, and can replace the lithium battery. It can also automatically time delay sampling and exceed the limit alarm. Its USB The interface can be used for high-speed data download, and the external temperature and humidity sensor can ensure the test accuracy, which is very powerful.

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