With the progress of the times, the manufacturing capacity of the society has been continuously improved, and the current artificial manpower can no longer meet the commonly used production and processing needs. In view of the efficient mechanized manufacturing capabilities, intelligent robots have gradually entered the alternate ranks. But who will supply the energy for intelligent robots? It doesn’t matter if you don’t know, let’s take a look at what is an intelligent robot battery? The types of intelligent robot batteries!
  Intelligent robot lithium battery is really a kind of high-efficiency, portable, lightweight, sufficient large-capacity lithium battery pack designed for machines. The main reason is that the requirements for the instantaneous current of starting are relatively large, and the requirements for the continuous operation time of the battery are relatively high.
  In order to better enable intelligent robots to work efficiently under certain environmental conditions, lithium batteries for intelligent robots are generally equipped with a power management information system (BMS). In view of the fact that the raw material of the lithium battery itself determines that it cannot be charged and discharged by overcharge, overcharge, overcurrent, short circuit and ultra-high temperature, the lithium battery component will always appear with a delicate lithium battery protection board to prevent accidents from happening. When the temperature of the battery itself reaches the range of 70±5°C due to other abnormal problems, the temperature switch will act to carry out temperature protection, and the temperature switch will automatically recover when the temperature drops.

  Lithium-ion batteries for intelligent robot batteries are generally intelligent service robots, intelligent robots for leisure and entertainment competitive games, or intelligent robots for special purposes such as exploration and explosives. First of all, these intelligent robots are not sensitive to the cost of choosing batteries. At the same time, the regulations require that the batteries are relatively light, have a relatively large capacity, and can supply high-current discharge, and they must also be safe and ensure a long service life. Then the soft pack lithium-ion battery is a more suitable choice. There are two types of soft-packed lithium-ion batteries, soft-packed polymer lithium batteries and soft-packed lithium iron phosphate batteries. For these two lithium batteries, polymer lithium batteries have higher energy density (capacity), high-current discharge and low-temperature performance. It is more superior than lithium iron phosphate batteries, so it is used more in some competitive game intelligent robots and special-purpose intelligent robot industries, while lithium iron phosphate batteries are used more in AI service robot industry or industrial production relatively large intelligent robot industry, Since AI service robots such as catering management service intelligent robots and Bank of China lobby intelligent robots do not need batteries to supply high-current discharge and low-temperature performance, they pay more attention to battery life and use, so iron-lithium batteries just meet the requirements of this aspect. .

   Therefore, I recommend TEFOO ENERGY’s standard lithium battery, which is convenient for operators to carry out mobile indoor and outdoor operations. Providing continuous, efficient and stable mobile power supply has become the greatest guarantee for the normal operation of such equipment. The solution uses high-performance batteries, so that the entire battery has the characteristics of high energy ratio, light weight, small size, high cycle life, high safety, and high consistency. The battery is very convenient to use, and the original battery can be directly replaced on site.