Handheld spectrometers typically come standard with two swappable lithium-ion batteries. Before using the battery, to check the battery status of the handheld spectrometer, press the white button on the battery. The length displayed by the green light indicates the percentage of remaining power, with 4 scales of 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%.

 At the same time, when using the handheld spectrometer battery, you need to pay attention to the following 10 points:

1. Do not open or squeeze the battery of the handheld spectrometer, and do not poke holes in the battery, otherwise it will cause personal injury.
2. Do not incinerate the battery. Keep batteries away from fire or other sources of extreme heat. If the battery is exposed to a very high temperature heat source (above 80°C), it may explode or cause personal injury.
3. Do not drop, collide or damage the battery in other ways, because doing so may expose the corrosive and explosive substances inside the battery.
4. Do not short-circuit the two ends of the battery. A short circuit can cause personal injury, severely damage the battery, and cause the battery to fail.
5. Do not place the battery in a humid environment or in rain. Doing so may cause electric shock.
6. Only use the external charger of DELTA handheld spectrometer or approved by Olympus to charge the battery.
7. Only use the handheld spectrometer battery provided by Olympus.
8. Do not store batteries with a remaining charge of less than 40%. Charge the battery to 40% to 80% before storage.
9. During storage, please keep the battery power at 40% to 80%.
10. When storing the instrument, please do not leave the battery in the DELTA handheld spectrometer.