The structure scanning geological perspective instrument is an earth exploration instrument used in the fields of earth science and civil engineering, and it was launched on October 20, 2017.
  It is mainly used for (1) rapid non-destructive testing of highway, railway pavement and subgrade (2) quality testing of highway and railway tunnel engineering (3) municipal engineering completion: underground pipelines and cavities (4) non-destructive testing of embankments, bridges and concrete (5) ) Mineral, geological, and hydrological surveys (6) Ice layer and permafrost exploration (7) Archaeological exploration (8) Post-disaster life rescue, etc.

  Features: It can be connected to both analog and digital antennas; the new appearance design, the overall frame, is both sturdy and beautiful; based on the Windows8 interface, a variety of screen colors are optional, more stylish, friendly, and personalized user interface; instrument Comprehensive improvement of performance indicators (emission rate, scanning rate, IP level, data storage, etc., see technical parameters for details); support automatic identification and setting of all smart antennas; built-in GPS data recorder, users can locate directly by connecting GPS antenna; data transmission There are various ways to support wifi wireless transmission; the 10.4-inch LED sunlight screen is convenient for users to work under strong light; the new knob design makes the operation of the instrument easier and faster.

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