The acoustic imager is a portable real-time acoustic imager that can visualize the sound source in the form of a color contour map, forming an effect similar to that of a thermal imager on the temperature of an object. This design uses an optimized spiral array, which is optimized for the detection of high transient noise sources, and can also obtain excellent detection results for steady-state noise sources.

The intelligent sound imager can help users quickly detect partial discharges that may be in air, gas and vacuum in noisy electric power and industrial sites; and can store the detected pictures and videos through the picture or video capture function to play back or generate a test report , to provide power companies with a visual inspection terminal that saves trouble, effort and worry, and has been widely used in partial discharge detection of transmission lines, partial discharge detection of high-voltage equipment in substations, abnormal noise detection of reactors, partial discharge detection of power distribution switchgear, etc. Application scenarios.

However, we need to spare a few extra batteries, each battery can run for 2 hours, and each audio camera provides two batteries, which can be directly replaced on site. Here I recommend the standard battery pack of Guishi South Technology, which is very convenient to use and can directly replace the original battery on site.