The infusion set is a common medical consumable. After aseptic treatment, a channel between the vein and the liquid medicine is established for intravenous infusion. The utility model is generally composed of intravenous injection needles or injection needles, needle covers, infusion hoses, liquid medicine filters, flow rate regulators, drip pots, bottle stoppers, air filters, etc. Some infusion sets also have injection parts, dosing Mouth and other devices.

Infusion pump use precautions:
1. Use your fingertips to operate the membrane keys.
2. When using a new infusion set brand, precision calibration must be performed.
3. If one infusion tube is used for 6 hours, the pinch position of the infusion set should be replaced.
4. The drip sensor must be hung vertically above the horizontal plane.
5. When the battery can no longer be used after charging, it must be replaced.

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