The selection of lithium batteries for industrial equipment should consider the following factors:
1. Battery capacity: The battery capacity determines how much energy the battery can store, so it is necessary to choose the appropriate battery capacity according to the power requirements and usage time of the device.
2. Voltage: The voltage of the battery must match the voltage required by the device. If your device requires multiple batteries, you need to consider how they are connected and whether the voltages can be combined to the desired voltage.
3. Charging time: The charging time should match the device usage time to ensure that the device always has sufficient power supply. Some batteries take longer to charge, so the charging speed of the battery should be considered.

4. Lifespan: The lifespan of the battery is another important factor. Generally speaking, lithium batteries last longer than other types of batteries, but the frequency of use and environmental conditions of the battery also need to be considered.
5. Safety: Lithium batteries may be overheated, short-circuited, exploded, etc., so it is necessary to choose a safe brand and model, and follow the correct charging and usage methods.
In short, the selection of lithium batteries for industrial equipment requires comprehensive consideration of the above factors, and selection of products that meet equipment requirements and are safe and reliable.

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