What are the medical device batteries? What kind of models are there? What are the characteristics of these medical batteries? Which products are medical device batteries used in?
What are the medical device batteries? Medical devices are mainly classified into six types of batteries here, including cylindrical, square, rectangular, etc., and the capacity varies according to the scope of use.
Medical device battery model? Battery model: GS2054DH, GS2037DH, GS2034DH, GS2057HH, GS2040IM, GS2047FH, GS2037BH, GS2057DH, etc.

Features of medical device batteries:
1. Single cell, series and parallel combined batteries;
2. Ordinary standard type, high temperature type, low temperature type, high rate type, long life type;
3. Excellent performance;
4. Integrated intelligent circuit board;
5. Customized plastic shell structure;
Products that can be used for medical device batteries:
1. Ventilator;
2. Infusion pump;
3. Monitor;
4. Oximeter;
5. Beauty and massage fitness equipment and so on.

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