Modern medical care requires medical equipment, and there are more and more medical equipment using lithium batteries, such as monitors, electrocardiograms, syringe pumps, infusion pumps, B-ultrasound instruments, ventilators, medical lighting, medical electric drills, electronic thermometers, etc. , What are the benefits of using standard lithium batteries for medical equipment?

1. Good safety performance. Lithium batteries for medical devices use car-grade lithium-ion batteries, coupled with a multi-level safety protection scheme, to ensure the safety of lithium batteries for medical devices.
2. The shape can be customized. Lithium batteries for medical devices can increase or decrease the thickness of the battery and change the shape according to customer needs, which is flexible and fast.
3. Portable, the shape and size can be customized according to the structural requirements of medical equipment, especially the polymer lithium battery can meet various special-shaped structural requirements.
4. The weight is very light. The weight of lithium batteries for medical devices is 40% lighter than steel-cased lithium batteries with the same capacity specifications, and 20% lighter than aluminum-cased batteries.
5. Lithium batteries for medical equipment have high energy density. The capacity of medical equipment batteries is 20-25% higher than that of steel shell batteries of the same size, and 10-15% higher than that of aluminum shell batteries.
6. The internal resistance is small, the discharge is stable, and it can meet various large and small current discharge requirements, and has a wide range of applications.

 Compared with other traditional technologies, lithium batteries have many advantages in the application of portable medical equipment, higher energy density, lighter weight, longer cycle life, better battery capacity, easy to use, and small size of lithium batteries , easy to carry, easy to charge, can better provide power for medical equipment, meet the needs of medical rescue, and ensure safety.