With the rapid development of the current industry, the internal structure of various mechanical equipment is becoming more and more sophisticated and complex, which brings difficulties to industrial inspection. In order to detect problems in equipment in time and prevent problems before they happen, non-destructive testing technology is playing an increasingly important role in the field of industrial testing. Among them, ultrasonic flaw detection, as one of the methods of non-destructive testing, can conveniently and accurately detect, locate, evaluate and diagnose various defects inside the workpiece, so it is becoming more and more widely used in practice.
The basic principle of ultrasonic phased array flaw detection:

 Use the array elements arranged in a specified order to excite the ultrasonic pulse signal according to a certain time sequence, so that the ultrasonic array can be focused at a certain point in the sound field, and the sensitivity to the detection of small defects in the sound field can be enhanced; Different excitation timings of the array form the focus of different spatial positions in the sound field to achieve a larger range of sound beam scanning.
The basic components of an ultrasonic phased array: a complex computer-based instrument and a transducer assembly (probe).

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