Lithium batteries are composed of five basic parts: positive electrode, negative electrode, separator, electrolyte and casing.
1. Positive electrode: The positive electrode refers to the current collector embedded in the positive electrode material, which is mainly composed of oxides (such as LiCoO2, LiMn2O4, etc.) and conductive agents (such as carbon, aluminum, etc.), and its function is to accept electrons and combine with lithium ions to form Cathode material.
2. Negative electrode: The negative electrode refers to the current collector embedded in the negative electrode material, mainly composed of graphite, silicon and other materials, and its function is to release electrons and release lithium ions into the electrolyte.
3. Diaphragm: The diaphragm is one of the core components of the battery. Its main function is to isolate the positive and negative electrodes, prevent short circuits, and allow ions to penetrate. At present, polymer films are mainly used in the market, and ceramic films are also used in a small amount.

4. Electrolyte: The electrolyte is the medium for the transmission of lithium ions, mainly composed of lithium salts and organic solvents, capable of carrying lithium ions, and forming ion channels between the positive and negative electrodes, so that lithium ions can be transported back and forth between the positive and negative electrodes .
5. Shell: The shell is the protective layer of the battery. It is mainly composed of steel shell, aluminum shell, soft bag and other materials. It has the function of protecting the battery core and can withstand certain pressure and temperature changes.
The combination and structure of these parts are different, and different types of lithium batteries can be formed, such as polymer lithium-ion batteries, ternary material lithium-ion batteries, iron-lithium batteries, and lithium iron phosphate batteries.

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