Handheld spectrometer industry application

In order to get rid of the dependence of automobiles on oil and implement the goal of environmental protection, energy saving and carbon reduction, people adopt new energy vehicles as the core development trend. According to relevant reports and statistics, the market explosion of new energy vehicles has caused the value of lithium to

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Embedded World 2023

March 14th ~ March 16th, 2023 Exhibition Centre, Nuremberg, Germany Booth No:Hall3-536 Address:Messezentrum, 90471 Nürnberg - Nuremberg Exhibition Center  At the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre the focus will be again on embedded systems: the embedded community comes together here in annual rotation at the embedded world Exhibition&Conference.

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Characteristics of Lithium Batteries for Medical Instruments

What are the advantages of using lithium-ion batteries in medical instruments? Medical equipment has become an important field of modern medicine. Compared with other traditional technologies, lithium-ion batteries have many advantages in the application of portable medical equipment. These include higher energy density, lower weight, longer cycle life, better battery capacity retention characteristics, and

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Advantages of lithium batteries for medical equipment

With the popularity of portable devices, more and more medical device manufacturers have begun to develop portable medical devices. Products involving portable devices are of course inseparable from batteries, and most of the lithium batteries in medical devices use polymer lithium batteries. Naturally, it also includes Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. For medical equipment, what are

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Robot lithium battery selection

The emergence of robots has brought a lot of changes to our lives, such as sweeping robots, ordering robots, etc., but robots have a particularly important component, that is, robot batteries, and the correct use of batteries can ensure the use of robots The longer the time. Here are some suggestions for battery maintenance

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Application of lithium battery in medical equipment industry

As the scope of healthcare expands to include emerging technologies, and lithium-ion batteries shrink in size and interconnect, the medical field will usher in a paradigm shift in therapeutic approaches. Many medical equipment lithium-ion batteries, medical equipment lithium-ion batteries, instrument batteries, equipment batteries, medical batteries and medical equipment batteries are basically the same, and

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Medical device battery models, characteristics and applications

What are the medical device batteries? What kind of models are there? What are the characteristics of these medical batteries? Which products are medical device batteries used in? What are the medical device batteries? Medical devices are mainly classified into six types of batteries here, including cylindrical, square, rectangular, etc., and the capacity varies

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Lithium battery cannot be charged

There are many kinds of lithium batteries. There are batteries composed of circular cells like 18650, and lithium batteries composed of polymers. If they are divided into two categories, they are lithium metal batteries and lithium ion batteries. The charging method is basically There are constant current charging, constant voltage charging, pulse charging, etc.

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Lithium-ion batteries for medical devices

  With the popularity of portable devices, more and more medical device manufacturers have begun to develop portable medical devices. Of course, the products involved in portable devices are inseparable from batteries. Most of the lithium batteries in medical equipment are polymer lithium-ion batteries, and naturally include nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries. For medical devices,

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Lithium battery custom price

As a lithium-ion battery customization manufacturer, it must grasp the requirements for lithium-ion battery styles, such as battery size customization, performance customization, and customization according to the environment in which it is located. The safety and stability of lithium-ion batteries is also a must. We should all understand that lithium-ion batteries have potential safety

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