18650 lithium battery assembled into a 72V50Ah battery pack needs to take the following steps:
1. Determine the number of batteries needed: A 72V battery pack requires 20 batteries in series (the voltage of each battery is 3.6V), and 5 batteries in parallel (the capacity of each battery is 10Ah).
2. Purchase a suitable 18650 battery: choose a 18650 battery with a capacity of 10Ah, and ensure that the battery brand, model, voltage, and capacity are consistent.
3. Test the battery: test the voltage and internal resistance of each 18650 battery, and screen out batteries with similar voltage and internal resistance to form a battery pack.

4. Connect batteries in series: connect 20 batteries in series, and make sure that the positive and negative terminals of each battery are connected correctly to avoid short circuits.
5. Connect batteries in parallel: Connect 5 groups of 20 series batteries in parallel. When connecting, make sure that the positive and negative poles are connected correctly to avoid short circuits.
6. Perform battery packaging: Assemble the battery in the appropriate battery packaging box to protect the battery and ensure safety.
7. Perform battery test: Before use, the entire battery pack needs to be tested to ensure that it works properly and meets the design requirements.

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