18650 lithium batteries are a common form of battery that are often used in applications such as electronic equipment and power tools. Combining multiple 18650 lithium batteries can form a larger capacity battery pack.
The matching of 18650 lithium batteries needs to consider the following aspects:
1. Battery capacity: 18650 lithium batteries of the same model have different capacities, and batteries with the same capacity should be selected for combination to ensure the voltage and capacity stability of the battery pack.

2. Battery voltage: The nominal voltage of the 18650 lithium battery is 3.7V, but in fact its voltage range is 3.0-4.2V when in use. The voltage of the battery pack needs to be determined according to the needs of use. Generally, several single cells are connected in series to achieve the required voltage.
3. Number of batteries: According to the voltage and capacity to be combined, select the appropriate number of batteries for combination. Generally speaking, the larger the number of batteries, the greater the capacity of the battery pack, but it also increases the volume and weight of the battery pack.
4. Battery protection circuit: Since the over-discharge and over-charge of the 18650 lithium battery will cause damage to the battery, it is necessary to consider adding a protection circuit when assembling the battery pack to ensure the safety and stability of the battery pack.
It should be noted that the assembly of 18650 lithium batteries requires certain battery knowledge and skills, and non-professionals are not recommended to assemble them.

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