The battery of the handheld spectrometer is a source of power for the spectrometer to work properly. This article mainly introduces the matters needing attention during the use of the battery of the handheld spectrometer:
 The following points should be paid attention to when using the handheld spectrometer battery:

1. Do not open or squeeze the battery of the handheld spectrometer, and do not poke holes in the battery, otherwise it will cause accidental injury.
2. Never incinerate the battery. Batteries should be placed in an area away from fire or other sources of extreme heat. If the battery is exposed to a particularly high temperature heat source (about 80°C), it may cause an explosion and even cause personal injury.
3. Do not drop, bump or damage the battery in other ways, because doing so may expose the corrosive and explosive substances inside the lithium battery to the outside.
4. Do not short-circuit the two ends of the battery. A short circuit can cause personal injury, severely damage the battery, and cause the battery to fail.
5. Do not place the battery in a humid environment or in rain. Doing so may cause electric shock.
6. The battery must be charged with an external charger of the DELTA handheld spectrometer or authorized by Olympus.
7. During storage, please keep the battery power at 40% to 80%.
The above are some problems that you need to pay attention to when using the handheld spectrometer battery. You can refer to it.

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