The life detector is an optical detector, which is mainly used for search and rescue and positioning of earthquakes, explosions, landslides, mine accidents, etc. The image and sound information of the trapped people under the ruins can be obtained through the probe. Rescuers can quickly take corresponding rescue measures through the obtained information to reduce the trapped time; if the trapped person is unfortunately killed, they can mark the area and immediately turn to other survivors who are in urgent need of rescue.
  The audio and video life detector is a kind of equipment integrating optics, electronics, microscopic camera technology and other machinery. It mainly includes host, power supply, and monitor. All accessories are placed in a box, which is easy to carry and easy to operate.

 Precautions for the use of audio and video life detectors:
1. It is not a fully waterproof structure, please do not immerse the device in water, or operate the device in the rain
2. Be careful not to drop or collide the probe from a high place, so as not to cause damage to the instrument
3. The interior of the equipment is precise and compact, please do not disassemble the instrument by yourself
4. When packing, each component must be put into the box according to the positioning position in the box
5. Pay attention to cleanliness, no corrosion and avoid moisture when storing.
6. When the instrument is not used for a long time, the battery in the main unit should be removed, and the battery should be charged regularly.

The above are some problems that you need to pay attention to when using audio and video life detectors. You can refer to them for understanding.
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