In recent years, lithium-ion batteries have gradually become the mainstream power source for portable electronic devices, and are considered to be the most promising power source that can be applied to electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicle drives. In addition, lithium-ion batteries can store and convert green energy such as solar energy and wind energy to alleviate the discontinuity and instability of the above-mentioned green energy and achieve a balance between energy supply and demand.
  Lithium-ion battery is a very important energy storage technology. Compared with lithium, sodium is rich in reserves, widely distributed, and low in cost, and has similar physical and chemical properties to lithium. widespread attention in the world. Compared with lithium-ion batteries, sodium-ion batteries usually have a lower energy density. Although they are not suitable for applications in portable electronic devices and electric vehicles that require high energy density, they are suitable for applications that do not require high energy density. , Cost-sensitive low-speed electric vehicles and communication base stations, home energy storage and other fields.

  Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries have a long service life, high capacity, high energy density, and can be cycled more than 1,000 times. Although the price is more expensive than dry batteries, it is more cost-effective if they are used frequently. The capacity of rechargeable batteries is higher than that of alkaline manganese batteries of the same specification. Low. On the one hand, rechargeable batteries can provide higher capacity than most primary batteries.

Therefore, I recommend TEFOO ENERGY standard lithium battery, which is convenient for operators to carry out mobile indoor and outdoor operations. Providing continuous, efficient and stable mobile power supply has become the greatest guarantee for the normal operation of such equipment. The solution uses high-performance batteries, so that the entire battery has the characteristics of high energy ratio, light weight, small size, high cycle life, high safety, and high consistency. The battery is very convenient to use, and the original battery can be directly replaced on site.