Modern switching power supplies are used in a variety of medical equipment including MRI, X-ray, CT and PET scanners, blood analyzers, DNA equipment, patient monitors, ultrasound, robotic surgery equipment, heart-lung machines, diagnostic equipment and automated pharmaceutical dispensers, only To name a few. As with all electronics, the trend in medical devices is to make them smaller, lighter, more efficient, more reliable and more competitively priced. Safety standards for medical equipment depend on the application, the distance to the patient and operator, and the location and environment of the equipment.
  In the design of medical electronic equipment, one consideration takes precedence over all others: patient and operator safety. In some cases, one might think that a power supply designed and certified for industrial use might also be suitable for a medical battery. Often this is not the case, as the risks involved vary widely.

  Additionally, many electronic devices used in hospitals, such as patient monitors, operate at very low signal levels. Such medical devices tend to be more sensitive to electromagnetic interference (EMI) than most devices used in industry, making EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) compliance and performance a critical issue in medical applications.
  Modern medical equipment requires compact, lightweight, efficient, economical, RoHS compliant, reliable and ultra-safe power supplies. Switching power supplies can meet all of these requirements, but not all power supplies are created equal. Medical equipment OEMs should take care to select power supplies from reputable suppliers, preferably with proven experience in the medical electronics field and a full understanding of the special requirements and changing standards of specialized industries.
  Lithium batteries have the advantages of high energy density, small size, light weight, long life, good battery capacity retention, and wide operating temperature range, which meet the requirements of lightweight and mobility for portable medical equipment.
  Lithium battery packs for medical devices are widely used in B-ultrasound machines, ECG monitors, infusion pumps, ventilators, anesthesia machines, light curing machines, physical therapy, rehabilitation equipment, etc.

Therefore, I recommend TEFOO ENERGY standard lithium battery, which is convenient for operators to carry out mobile indoor and outdoor operations. Providing continuous, efficient and stable mobile power supply has become the greatest guarantee for the normal operation of such equipment. The solution uses high-performance batteries, so that the entire battery has the characteristics of high energy ratio, light weight, small size, high cycle life, high safety, and high consistency. The battery is very convenient to use, and the original battery can be directly replaced on site.