Medical lithium battery packs refer to lithium battery packs used in medical equipment. Such battery packs need to be characterized by high performance, high safety and long life. The following factors need to be considered when selecting a medical lithium battery pack:
1. Battery type: According to the needs of medical equipment, select the appropriate type of lithium battery, such as ternary lithium battery, lithium iron phosphate battery, etc.
2. Battery capacity: According to the use requirements of medical equipment, select a battery pack with an appropriate capacity to ensure sufficient power storage.
3. Battery size and weight: Consider the size and weight of the medical device and select a battery pack that meets the requirements to ensure the convenience of carrying and using the medical device.

4. Safety performance: Medical equipment has high safety requirements, so it is necessary to choose a battery pack with high safety, such as a battery pack with multiple protection mechanisms such as overcharge protection, overdischarge protection, and short circuit protection.
5. Charging performance: The charging performance of the battery pack is also one of the factors that need to be considered. It is necessary to choose a battery pack with fast charging and long life to provide long-lasting power support when the medical equipment needs to work continuously.
6. Supply channels and after-sales service: choose a battery supplier with good reputation and reliable after-sales service to ensure the quality and service quality of the battery pack.

Therefore, I recommend TEFOO ENERGY standard lithium battery, which is convenient for operators to carry out mobile indoor and outdoor operations. Providing continuous, efficient and stable mobile power supply has become the greatest guarantee for the normal operation of such equipment. The solution uses high-performance batteries, so that the entire battery has the characteristics of high energy ratio, light weight, small size, high cycle life, high safety, and high consistency. The battery is very convenient to use, and the original battery can be directly replaced on site.